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Discover the pathway to seamless Emiratization solutions in the UAE. We are at the forefront of promoting local workforce development, specializing in assisting businesses like yours in navigating the dynamic Emiratization regulations. Our tailored services empower you to not only meet compliance requirements but also embrace the vision of a thriving Emirati workforce. Join us in driving sustainable growth, fostering innovation, and contributing to the economic success of the UAE.

Hire Emiratis for a Future of Diversity and Success!

UAE's Emiratisation Program and Private Sector Involvement

The Emiratisation program in UAE is a government schemes to ensure employments for nationals. Through a quota system, companies must ensure that they have a minimum percentage of Emirati employees relative to the size of their overall workforce. Companies must keep certain Emiratisation percentage in private sector in order to follow the rules regarding this program. Consequently, these companies can foment the hiring of Emiratis while enhancing their skills and knowledge through the Emiratisation strategy.

Benefits of Emiratisation

This program provides businesses with financial aid so they can hire Emirati citizens to fill open positions.

Businesses could receive help filling open positions with suitable local unemployed individuals quickly.

Due to the Emiratisation program, businesses can provide child allowances to their UAE employees contingent upon the number of children they have.

The private sector will find it simpler to comply with the requirements and contributions of the pension scheme as a result of Emiratisation.

The Emiratisation program will enable businesses to help their Emirati employees advance their skills and learn new information so they can succeed in their positions.

Organizations will be able get the assistance they require to promote apprenticeship programs inside their businesses.

This project provides companies with social interdependence and allows them to uphold the links of cooperation within the region.

Thanks to Mazaya, companies will be able to receive benefits for their local staff with the support of ADNOC.

Workforce Solutions For Emiratisation

Helping Emirati Candidates in Entering The Job Market

We want to help companies make the most out of the talents of Emirati candidates. The plan for Emiratisation is a component of our special goal to increase UAE national recruiting. This is in line with the government of the UAE’s objectives and rules. To provide Emirati graduates with the tools they need to build their CVs and receive professional guidance on what to do next, the Emiratisation team offers programs across the UAE.

For this endeavor, our business is collaborating with several other companies. This is a result of our knowledge of the job-hunting process and dedication to assisting Emiratis in finding the perfect job. Through a global network of businesses that Emiratisation Nafis has worked with, Emiratis may have access to intriguing job opportunities. We are able to offer the top local employees to all of our different business clients because of our knowledge of the regional labor market.

Our company provides workforce solutions for Emiratisation. Firms will be ready to meet the requirements of the regional authorities for hiring locals as a result. Managers will find it easy to find qualified candidates for their open vacancies with our aid. Providing assistance to companies so they can comply with rules and guidelines is one of our objectives.

Sourcing Emirati Talent with Local Expertise

We put a lot of effort into achieving the goals established by our clients as part of our dedication to the national Emiratisation initiative. Therefore, we create relationships with businesses in the UAE in order to expand their Emiratisation Talent Pool. By utilizing our local knowledge, we are able to draw in outstanding candidates through our widely accessible resources, current collaborators, and passionate consultants who work together to satisfy the growing demand for qualified Emirati employees.

We have been fostering and establishing an intake of local individuals who are ready to serve while taking on fresh responsibilities in their occupations, for government and private organizations, through a range of institutions, neighborhood projects, and career expos. In order to create a strong fit between an applicant’s organization, our client, and themselves, we rigorously examine and assess applicants to make sure they have the knowledge and experience required to deliver excellent outcomes in their industry.

Contact our team to go through your goals and discover the details of how to add outstanding Emirati perspective to your company. boosting your staff after going beyond your quota limits. At every stage of your talent recruitment process, our experienced Emiratisation consultants will provide support. Take advantage of having local labor at your fingertips by starting to hire Emiratis.

Emirati Career Opportunities

Candidates can contact with HR specialists thanks to the career counseling program in Dubai. As a result, get advice on making job decisions based on their goals. They are able to pick up on resources for CV writing, interviewing, and other topics.

For Emirati nationals, this program provides a platform for candidates to find employment. Connecting Emiratis with job possibilities in the private sector as a result. Additionally, it helps businesses find the appropriate profiles for their employment openings in Emirates.

UAE residents can get the best paying training jobs in the UAE through on-the-job training offers. They can find employment that motivate them in this way, while also developing their skills. promoting the private sector's Emiratisation UAE in the process.

Participate in the local healthcare program to draw Emiratis to your company. By hiring foreign workers, you may improve your team and maintain compliance. So, companies can start giving talented people in the UAE solid career prospects!

The apprentice program offers financial assistance to newly graduated Emiratis who want to serve as apprentices in semi-private and private businesses. As a result, they can expand their skillset and acquire more knowledge regarding their careers.

The talent program a scheme to help Emiratis get international recognition for their professional certifications in a variety of fields. With this initiative, Emirati nationals can obtain the support they need to enhance their careers.

Why Choose Us ?

We are the alternative you need to help you establish the Emiratisation program in UAE! With us, you can find the ideal national employees for your open positions. In this way, you will be able to provide employment opportunities to candidates in the region. Likewise, candidates can find the ideal business to expand their abilities and enjoy the new apprenticeship strategies.


“Emiratisation Nafis played a vital role in shaping my career journey. Their platform connected me with employers who value Emirati talent
and are dedicated to our professional growth. Through their support, I found a role that aligns with my aspirations and allows me to contribute
to my country’s workforce development. I’m grateful for the opportunities they’ve opened up for me.”

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Mariam Hassan
Emirati Professional

“As a fresh graduate, I was uncertain about my career path. Emiratisation Nafis provided me with invaluable guidance and connected
me with companies that offer training and growth opportunities. Their commitment to helping young Emiratis like me find meaningful employment
is truly commendable. Thanks to them, I’ve embarked on a journey that holds promise for both personal and professional development!”

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Ali Ahmed
Recent Graduate

“Emiratisation Nafis made my job search effective and efficient. Their platform is user-friendly and tailored to the needs of Emirati job seekers.
They understood my preferences and skills, matching me with employers who align with my values. Through their assistance, I secured a position that
allows me to contribute to the Emiratisation program while advancing my career goals.”

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Ayesha Al-Falasi
Emirati Job Seeker
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